Sinop Factory



With its large storage area, Mute Socks provides easy, accessible and fast shipment for both raw materials and finished goods. In this way, our company provides better stock control as well as faster and more convenient solutions.



At the idea stage, which is the most important link of our business plan, we examine the most current styles and textures, and we conduct rigorous research in order to launch better products. Meanwhile, in our design process moving forward in sync with fashion trends, we reflect quality in the best way together with our graphic design team.


Thanks to its advanced technology machine park, Mute Socks is a company which has a wide scale machine park which is able to meet customer demands. It can produce products with any dimensions and technical specifications with its single cylinder, computerized machine park.


Mute Socks, which is differentiated with the range of raw materials used in production, serves its customers with fast production and virtually error free product delivery.



In our toe closing department, we complete the manufacture of socks arriving with their toe sections open, stitching them in our Conti-Complett machines or single row toe closing machines based on the customer’s request. The socks are then made ready for ironing and packaging.


Thanks to our in house washing machines, pre-wash and silicone washing can be applied according to the requests of our customers.


If washing or dyeing is not required, firstly, ironing is applied on the socks in the ironing section with fully automatic steam ironing machines once the toe closing process is completed.

The socks are then packaged and made ready for shipment upon being passed through a metal detector for the detection of metal parts which may have been mixed in the batch during manufacture.


In this section, the finished products are packed in the packaging section and made ready for shipment.


During the packaging phase, we check the entire production line with our metal detectors located on the conveyor belts and safely remove any metal parts which may have been left over from the production.