Message from the Chairman

We have been working for Turkey and producing
for the world for 25 years...

Combining years of experience with the latest technology machinery in with two factories, Temu Socks has become one of the leading sock brands in Turkey and in the world.

We have achieved a significant increase in our production capacity by adding the Mute Socks factory established in Sinop in 2016 to our existing production facility which produces 30,000,000 pairs of socks per year and exports them to the biggest brands in Europe.

By constantly renewing and adding the latest technological machinery equipment to our Temu Socks and Mute Socks Factories in the textiles production and export business, we are continuously growing the success we have achieved in our group of companies, which we launched in 1988.

In addition to professional business relations with our customers, our employees and suppliers, we have also created personal friendship ties. Because we believe that trust and friendship are always superior to material gains. Thanks to the trust to our name and our word, we will continue to rise rapidly in every sector in which we are involved.

Tevfik Sağlam